Mitchell Christy

“Since joining Undisputed, my life has completely changed. At the time I joined I was not fit, I was at the heaviest and most out of shape I have ever been in my life.

I walked in at 208 lbs and am now down to 175 lbs currently. I’m very proud of the 30 +lbs lost, but even more proud of how my life has became of more quality.  My story is quite simple, I went to the gym for over 20 years on an inconsistent basis. I’d be motivated, see some results, get unmotivated, then quit…repeat that for 20 years.

I’m sure some of you can relate to this since this seems to be the pattern of most gym goers who are busy adults. It’s “consistency” that they preach and provide massive value toward. It is this “consistency” that has been the difference.  You ALWAYS have a workout partner, and you always have a coach to provide a workout.

They take all the guesswork out of it, all you have to do is show up!! Here, (undisputed) with the encouragement of others around that I can consider friends, I am consistently aware of all aspects of life, eat better/ exercise/ and my mental attitude and clarity is far beyond what I was ever used too. Mentally, like most, I had big ups and downs, home and at work. I now believe everything truly revolves around your inner-self.

If you’re happy with your mind, body, and spirit ..everything starts to fall in place. What’s really cool about this place is that it’s not just about working out, it’s about mental clarity, focusing on doing better and living your best life! My mental attitude has changed so much, I just became salesperson of the year of our entire dealership!

The humbled confidence that I have gained is incredible.  I’m on top of the world with the friendships that I’ve made, with Brandon, the other members, and ALL the coaches!! I have never been the type that would set a goal and then achieve it, but this last year I did, and with the help of being part of something like Undisputed, I did IT!!

Undisputed has changed my life in so many great ways it’s impossible for me to completely explain. Thank you so much for picking me as Top Dawg, I hope this story resonates with others that were once lost and wants a change. It’s not just for high-level athletes, everyone is different and I see the change in everyone that walks through these doors. There’s something special going on here, once again thanks for listening.

I can’t end this message without briefly talking about the positive effects this program has had with my personal and home life. As a parent and husband, we need to become stronger and conditioned for the longevity of health. It is a foundation in my life and the results speak for themselves..”