Sean Hopkins

What kind of person donates a kidney to a stranger?

It’s extremely humbling to introduce our December’s Male “TopDawg” Sean.

Not only is Sean a pretty cool person ;), he’s the type of dude who donates a complete stranger his Kidney.

Some brave and compassionate organ donors give to help a friend or family member, but Sean signed up and didn’t know anything about the person who received his kidney, except that the person reacted well to his organ, and that they were one of 100,000 people in the United States waiting for a life-saving kidney.

Without a doubt, Sean saved someone’s life.

Sean was picked for this award because if his great work ethic, friendly character and having a strong cultural influence within.

Note, below in his Q & A, he doesn’t mention once that he’s a complete badass!

Here’s what Sean has to say;

“Before coming to Undisputed I was going to the gym and working out by myself. After trudging through that for a while it became boring and I found excuses not to go. I knew that I needed help and motivation. I thought I was in decent shape before I started at Undisputed. I had been working out and playing hockey regularly for a few years. I was wrong. I was humbled by the workouts but I was inspired by how hard everyone works.

When I first started the hardest thing to get used to was being more sore than usual after a workout. Getting used to hard workouts was tough for the first 2 weeks but after that it was fine. When I completed the jumpstart program and I was able to do the regular workouts I felt great. Now I am able to make it 3-5 times per week without a problem. 

Since starting at the gym I have hit a few goals. I have set new personal records for back squat, hang clean, and deadlift. Some other highs for me include getting a muscle up (recently) and landing double unders. 

I love the people, the coaches, and the atmosphere at the gym. That is why I show up as often as I can. All of the coaches are great at providing feedback, motivation, and a laugh when needed.

I would tell anyone that is looking to start here not to be nervous because you are in good hands with great people. Even for all that I know with my job as an athletic trainer I have learned a lot since joining this gym. 

I enjoy playing and building guitars and basses. My favorite type of music is punk rock. I’ll listen to anything from the Clash up to newer stuff like the Pears. I enjoy traveling a lot. I have been to 34 of the 50 states, Canada, England, Ireland, Wales, Spain, Morocco, and Gibraltar.”


If you’re looking for a program like the one Sean participates in, simply click here –>