Kelly Kohrt

Meet Kelly, she came to Undisputed 18 months ago through our Jump Start Program and never looked back.

“I decided I needed to change up my workouts and get my nutrition on track…I needed a challenge and someone to hold me accountable”

“I was what you would call a “cardio queen” who never picked up a bar or weight in my life. I spent nearly 10 years at a local gym rotating from one cardio machine to the next and wondering why I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted”

Kelly jumped into our program and got some amazing results.

“I feel like a whole new person in the gym” 

“I am most proud of my confidence, the results, and the relationships I’ve built with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met”! 

She trained in our small group sessions for the first 3 weeks with her husband Pete, then they both became members within our combined strength and CrossFit classes.

“I love the positive atmosphere and high morale that is extremely evident everyday. It almost makes you feel guilty when you skip a day because you just don’t want to miss out of on anything”!

“Crossfit Joliet has brought my family together more than I ever thought it could. Coming from a very close family, we see each other all the time but never in this type of an environment. With having my husband, my sister and my dad all as member of CFJ, it gives us even more of a connection than we already have. I’m so thankful for this place and for our decision to become members”!

Kelly makes this gym a better place.  She has a great smile along with an amazing attitude.

Kelly is a very positive influence among this culture and she needs to be recognized for her contribution!

Thank you for being you Kelly, keep up the great work!

We are very proud to call you a member!!!!

– The Undisputed/ CrossFit Joliet Team