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As an adult, your number one asset is your brain.

Your brain being healthy will be the one thing that either makes you a success or makes you tread water your entire existence.

There’s a big problem that I continue to take notice of, and trust me I know the feeling.

People are burnt out.  The dream job becomes more and more demanding, the kids are getting older and as we age responsibilities hike substantially.

As much as you love it, your life which was thought to bring you lifelong health now brings you stress, fatigue and anxiety.

There is a way out.

Make good decisions & Avoid stupid ones. (bk you are a genius)

The way you will make more good decisions than stupid ones is to take care of your brain.

Your brain is not designed to be a storage device. Abuse it’s function and you will tread water for a long time.

It’s an incredible organism that pretty much gives you the opportunity to build anything you want.

Here’s is one tip I do to get some stuff out of my head so i can stress a little less and think a lot clearer.

It’s called a Mindsweep.

It’s a tool I have used for years and this one thing, pending you can make a habit out of it, has the ability to do wonders for many aspects of your life.

Here’s what to do:

1.) Grab a legal pad and a pen
2.) Set a timer for a specified period of time, start with 20 minutes
3.) Write down everything that is capturing your attention in bullet point format

Here’s an example:

This may seem like a really random list but all these things swirling around on our head are taking focus away from what’s most important in your life and hindering you from being present.

Try it just once and you’ll feel it.

Do it a week in a row and you probably will never stop.

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