Eddie West

I’m extremely proud to announce and acknowledge the newest “Top Dawg” Eddie West.

As a member of two years, we’ve grown to be good buds, and I’m extremely proud of the friendship we have formed.

Ed has a huge personality that contributes immensely toward the culture of Undisputed Strength Co.  He’s the type of person that’ll make you laugh when you’re in need of a smile and will support the newest member, with technique and encouragement without hesitation or expecting anything in return.

As a husband and father of three, he utilizes Undisputed for strength beyond the weights.

Our philosophy of the weight room is identical, where the benefits lies within the mental clarity and mindset more than the strength and the physique gains.(Even though he’s a strong and jacked bastard).

Ed has overcome a whole lot, and has strong ties with the United States Military, we’re all just very proud to have him as a team member and to help provide an outlet in anyway possible.

Thank you Ed!

You make us better!!


Where were you at (physically/mentally/etc.) before Undisputed?  

Before I started at Undisputed Strength I was a shell of my old self. I almost feel like I was wasting away physically and mentally.

Where are you at now?  

After almost 2 years at Undisputed Strength Co. I feel like I’m a much more complete person, a better person. The environment there has brought me back to a place I belong.

What challenges have you overcome as a part of our family? 

I’ve overcome a lot since i started here. Inactivity, irritability, low self esteem, overweight, pain both physically and mentally. I could go on naming stuff but i am a much more productive individual and Crossfit Joliet has a lot to do with it and i am grateful. 

What are the biggest benefits you’ve seen as a result of training here?

The freedom I’ve obtained both physically and mentally from my time here.  My mental health has improved by leaps and bounds being here. I mean the physical part i a given and im stronger than ive ever been but the mental aspect is life changing.

What do you love most about Undisputed?

The atmosphere of USC is like no other. I’ve been to gyms all over the country and there has never been a group of people both coaches and members like this group and it shows
Everyday I walk through the gym doors I know regardless of what else happens that day I was productive and  Its a great base to build off of.

What 3 words best describe Undisputed?  

Necessary, family, Integrity

What would you say to someone who is considering joining our family but is on the fence?

To anyone who is considering this place everyday you wait is one more day you could’ve changed something about yourself for the better. There’s not one reason not be here and every reason you should. 

What’s something you wished everybody knew about CFJ? 

Whether your a beginner or worked out your whole life there’s a place for you at USC It’s Necessary! It’s family! It’s Integrity!

“With this being around May and on the observance of Memorial day. I would like to pay tribute to my best friend Andrew Meari. Andrew was in the Army and was KIA Nov 1st 2010 in Afghanistan. He was from the Plainfield/Joliet area. May we all remember our fallen soldiers this Memorial day weekend. This ones for you Brother”  

~Eddie West