Maria Santoya

I’d like to introduce you to our newest Top Dawg

Maria Sontoya is one the hardest workers and most dedicated person I know.

Her work ethic is incredible as well as her ability to inspire.

I have worked with Maria for over two years and have seen incredible gains mind/ body/ spirit.

As a full-time boss, wife and mother, Maria always finds the time to work on her self, which we believe is the key to unlocking happiness.

Everyone benefits with self-love !

She contributes immensely to the culture of this establishment and is a big part of this community.

We all really appreciate your confidence and trust for a happy and healthy lifestyle Maria!!

~Team Undisputed

Q & A

Where were you at (physically/mentally/etc.) before USC?

“Physically not going anywhere I had hit a plateau. I was always running never really lifted. I couldn’t even lift a 25 lb kettlebell during jumpstart.class”

Where are you at now?

“Wow… I’m faster and stronger!!”

What challenges have you overcome ?

“Intimidation,  I was scared that I couldn’t keep up or couldn’t do it.”

What accomplishments are you most proud of as a result of training w/ us?

“Mentally-Confidence and physically-rope climbs”

What are the biggest benefits you’ve seen as a result of training here?

“Overall better health.  Role model to my kids and family/ friends.” 

“Being part of something great! People, coaches, workouts.”

What would you say to someone who is considering joining our family but is on the fence?

“Try it once and you will love it.”

What’s something you wished everybody knew about USC?

The program works,  you just have to put the work in”