Nate Guseman

Please welcome our newest top dawg Nathan Guseman!!

Nate has been a member with us since his days in youth sports performance.

Now a Junior in high school, Nate’s fitness has been a key tool and resource with keeping his mind and body sharp for an awesome hockey season.

This kid has a ton of heart and a work ethic like no-other, where he truly knows the direct correlation between fitness and success.  .

Smart beyond his age, without a doubt, Nate will be contributing toward something exceptional with his years to come.

We really appreciate you being part of this family Nathan, and hope you have a great rest of the week!


Team Undisputed

Where were you at (physically/mentally/etc.) before USC?

The first time I went to undisputed was when I was about 13 and was going to do the summer sports performance class between hockey seasons. Physically I was out of shape for a sport and I felt weak because everyone else on the team was either bigger or stronger than I was but now I have become one of the strongest members of my team.  Undisputed has made me a better hockey player

What do you love most about USC?
As a part of this CrossFit community, it has allowed me to become a better athlete and a healthier person.

What accomplishments are you most proud of as a result of training w/ us?
I got my first rope and that was pretty cool. While I have been at undisputed I have realized that going to this gym makes me feel better about myself as a person and the choices that I make in day to day life.

What’s something you wished everybody knew about USC?
The people there are so supportive of me and have a positive attitude towards everyone.

What 3 words best describe USC?
Welcoming because no matter the reason you are there, you can always go there to work out and feel good. Second would be Dedicated because everyone who goes there is dedicated to making themselves better.  Finally, community because the reason I go to undisputed isn’t because of the equipment, its because of the people they make it enjoyable and make it feel worthwhile.

What would you say to someone who is considering joining our family but is on the fence?
I would tell them just go if you’re even considering it as an option it means you know you want to workout and get something out of it. I just wish everyone knew how exercising even for just 1 hour can make you feel great for the entire day and sometimes even the next day too.