Damon Carr

Before I joined USC I weighed 210 pounds at was at my heaviest, all I did was regard working out.  It was also hard to stay motivated when it came to fitness.  Now I have more energy and workout 4 times a week.

What I Love the most is the community environment it never feels like you’re doing it on your own and that helps keep me motivated.

I’ve lost weight and increased my energy; the challenges are exciting and rewarding.

USC has improved my life and any level of fitness is welcomed.

Q & A 

Where were you at (physically/mentally/etc.) before USC?
Before I started USC I wasn’t doing much in regards to exercise.  I weighed 210 which was the heaviest I’ve ever been.

Where are you at now?

Current weight is 185.  I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time.

What challenges have you overcome as a part of our family?

Consistency.  It’s hard to stay motivated when it comes to fitness.  But after starting with USC, working out 4 days a week is all of a sudden easy.

What accomplishments are you most proud of as a result of training w/ us? 

Learning proper stretching and training technique for visible results.

What are the biggest benefits you’ve seen as a result of training here?

Weight loss and increase energy.

What do you love most about USC? 

I love the community environment.  It never feels like you are doing anything on your own.

How does walking the doors of USC make you feel?

Comfortable  and inviting.

What 3 words best describe USC?




What would you say to someone who is considering joining our family but is on the fence?

Join!!! Take the first step. Talk to the coaches.  And start improving your life!

What’s something you wished everybody knew about USC?
That there’s a great support system in the coaches and it doesn’t matter what fitness level you are at currently.