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Brandon, Our Chief of Motivation, Can Tell You How!

Hey, thank so much for coming by our site. My name is Brandon Kelly, and I’m the founder of Undisputed Strength Co. in Joliet. I want to take a minute to tell you who we help.

We Help People Age 30+ Lose Weight, Gain Energy And Add More Life To Their Years Without Beating Up Their Body Or Using The Next Fad Diet.


We saw there were thousands of men and women in our community who were struggling just to fit exercise and simple nutrition into their lives. These people had problems like:

  • Injuries plagued them from exercising

  • Super Low Energy

  • Clothes don’t fit anymore

There was not a program out there that was designed for them and their CURRENT level of fitness.

There were things like CrossFit gyms where workouts were just too intense or other places where they just stick you on a treadmill for an hour. While these programs may work for some, all of the people who came to us after being in one of those programs had injuries or a lack of hope that they could get their fitness back to where it used to be. That’s where our first promise to you comes in. No matter what shape you’re in or what you’ve tried in the past, Undisputed is a place you can feel welcome.

Undisputed Promise #1

Judgement Free

You haven’t been working out, maybe haven’t been to the gym in years. It’s ok! You don’t have to be in shape to work out with us. We understand the fear of standing out for all the wrong reasons. At Undisputed, our workouts are designed to meet all fitness levels so that everyone feels welcome


Some had tried the option of hiring a personal trainer for $150 an hour, but after spending well over $1K a month just to workout a few days a week, things start to get cost prohibitive. We realized people aged 30+ needed something very specific. They didn’t just need workouts, they needed a complete system to help get on track in their fitness journey

If this is sounding familiar, maybe you’re in a situation where you spend your days raising children, building a career and juggling a full calendar with not a lot of spare time for your health.

You’ve probably put your own health on the back burner to take care of your loved ones. While this is super commendable, the real way to help others is to help yourself first. When you feel great and have tons of energy, everything you do in your life will get better. Even your happiness will improve when your health is in check.

If you’re clothes keep feeling tighter, you’re running low on energy, having trouble sleeping and you just don’t feel like you used to, your definitely not alone.  If these things are resonating with you, you need to start soon because gets harder as you get older.

That’s why we make our second promise to you. We will help you Battle Anxiety.

Undisputed Promise #2

Battle Anxiety

Life can leave us feeling stressed, anxious and even unhappy. When the cycle of work, family, and life becomes constant, it takes its toll on health. Sound familiar? We can’t make your boss more reasonable or your kids any more well behaved, but we can help you feel better. Just one hour you give to only yourself can make a world of difference.


For the last almost eight years of working with hundreds of adults, we’ve built our entire program around helping you battle all of this. Where most people are slowly losing their health, our clients are actually getting healthier. I had one of our clients tell me just last week he feels better at 60 than he did at 50. This is the kind of thing that I’ve come to expect and truly appreciate. We know you probably don’t want another thing to think about in terms of what to eat and how to exercise, so we’ve taken all that stress away and built a program where you just show up a few days a week and we take care of the rest.  We’ve also created it so it’s a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer.

When you walk into our gym, you’ll feel a lightning bolt of positivity. You’ll meet hundreds of happy healthy people who have made the decision to invest in their health so they can and have more energy, confidence, and vitality

You may have tried going it alone in the past, but this time is different. That’s where our third, and most valuable promise comes in. You can count on Undisputed to be your Supportive Community.

Undisputed Promise #3


 You don’t have to battle stress and anxiety alone. We are here to help you through it, with fitness and friendship! From the very first day you walk through our doors, there will always be a coach or another member ready to share a smile or a high five to make you feel welcome. You are not alone!

Now you know the THREE PROMISES we’re making today and everyday! We have so much confidence in what we do that we’ve literally written the book, THREE, in fact, on helping adults live their best life.


Here’s what I’d like to offer you for coming by today. We realize you have a ton of options for fitness and that’s why I’d like to have you to come check us out for FREE.


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There’s no catch here and nothing hidden you have to buy. I’ll also throw in a free copy of one of our books when you come to your session.  If you love it, and I think you will, we’ll give you a chance to try us out for 21 days.


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Thanks so much for stopping by our website, I’m looking forward to meeting you in person! Have a great day! – Brandon