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It’s 4:30AM

My gears are starting to turn, dog is snoring and my breath is kickin hard….It’s time to focus on ME. I have only 10 minutes to set the exact tone for today.


While the power of a team cannot be overemphasized, we must never lose sight of who we are as individuals.

Self-reliance, self-discipline and inner-focus leads to better thoughts and habits, higher confidence and more meaningful connections with others.

We all DREAM different.

Some have a purpose, vision and immeasurable desire to make a difference.

Some do not.

If this desire is present, it’s up to YOU to identify, absorb and transfer these thoughts and emotions into reality.

Through love, through confidence, through perseverance, we must stay the course while willing to fist-fight for our beliefs while anticipating the future.

You must take the time to work on yourself. i.e. books, mentors, and the association with people of good quality.

Accepting the harsh reality that not one person owes you a fu#@ing thing, when all else fails, should be the sole motivator necessary to wake up ready to accomplish greatness and dominate.


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Remember, the smallest of actions is always better than the noblest of intentions.

Taking chances and believing you can is what leads to opportunity.

In order to succeed in life and continuously progress, one must recognize opportunity, be prepared to take action and then do it.

Procrastination, complacency and fear are the demons we must battle every day.

Proper perception is an understanding that life’s obstacles are merely a series of tiny problems we must solve in order for us to reach our ultimate goals.

Expect struggle and embrace them as challenges and opportunities to grow. Reward yourself through accomplishment and overcoming.

Listen, learn, love and live life with integrity while refusing to ever be the victim.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and wiser.

You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.

Your greatest self has been waiting; don’t make it wait any longer.

Now go brush your damn teeth kid.


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