This experience can change your life forever…

  • If you’re finally fed up with the struggle of fitting into the clothes you want…

  • If you’re just done feeling tired all the time…

  • If you’re over the fact that your body aches and every time you try to work out you get hurt...

  • If you’re worried that your fitness level will prevent you from being active and mobile with your children and/or grandchildren...

  • If you’re finally ready to take action and do something about this….


Here’s What to Expect at Your FREE 1-1 Personal Training Session

1. Customized Workouts

You and your coach will go over your health history and discuss your current fitness level. This is to make sure the workout matches with where you are right now to keep you safe and have an awesome workout (5-10 minutes).

2. Check Out the Gym

We’ll show you around our facility and introduce you to a few of our other super cool team members and clients (3-5 minutes).

3. Get Loose and Feeling Great

Your coach will take you through a great warm-up to get your body feeling loose and ready (10-15 minutes).

4. Fat Burning Workout

Then, we’ll lead you through a fat burning workout that will give you a ton of energy and bump up your metabolism. You’ll feel energized and happy, not beat up like other workouts (20-30 minutes).

5. FREE Book

You’ll get a free hard copy the Undisputed
Recipe E-Book.


Undisputed Strength Co. is a personal training gym that helps people aged 30+ lose weight, gain energy and add more life to their years without the use of fad diets or workouts that beat up their body.

They’ve helped thousands of men and women in the Joliet/ Shorewood/ Plainfield and the surrounding areas to transform their health and life for the past 8 years.

Undisputed exists to transform lives

– We help you get your confidence back

– We help you walk for 3 days at Disney with your family

– We help you turn heads at your daughter’s wedding

– We help you do things you haven’t been able to do in years

– We help you get out of pain

– We help you stop being so tired all the time

– We help you touch your toes for the first time…ever

– We help you do 40 pushups on your 40th birthday

It’s our duty to put this in front of as many people as possible

Because we know this program has the power to transform your life

And it won’t cost you a dime to get STARTED

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